How to sync your fork in GitHub

Derek Gamlyn Technology

Introduction If you’re like many GitHub users, you’ve reached a point where your fork of a repo is no longer in sync with the original source. You realize this is something you need to fix and have noticed that GitHub doesn’t have a button titled, “Sync now.” That would be nice. The actual solution is laughably complicated; a four-step process you perform …

Derek GamlynHow to sync your fork in GitHub

Collab: The remote-work game

Derek Gamlyn Technology

There’s a new game teens are playing called collab. All you need for a collab is a creative idea, some distributed friends, and a social media app. Scene: Summertime at home; school’s out and the kids are kickin’ it. DAUGHTER, 14, is deep into her phone. DAD enters. Dad: Whatcha’ doing? Daughter: [Still focused on the phone] Working on a …

Derek GamlynCollab: The remote-work game

Blockchain and personal privacy

Derek Gamlyn Technology

Conclusion Cutting right to the chase: I have concluded that our personal privacy concerns are not solved with blockchain technology. How does blockchain affect me? Right now, the big question everyone’s asking is, “How does blockchain affect me?” Industries, companies, and individuals alike are looking into it. The answers and resulting solutions will undoubtedly revolutionize nearly every segment and sector …

Derek GamlynBlockchain and personal privacy

Getting Blogger to display Twitter card images

Derek Gamlyn Technology

My Blogger posts were failing to display Twitter card images. After struggling with this issue for several days, I finally came up with some code that works. So I want to share it in case anyone else is having the same problem. This code checks whether your post has an image associated with it and then uses that image in …

Derek GamlynGetting Blogger to display Twitter card images